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1 Питомник Шотландски�… кошек"Soft Dream"
Питомник Шотландских кошек.Работает с линиями ведущих питомников Америки и России. Окрасы: серебристые,черепаховый,окрасы с белым ,табби, голубые и разные глаза.
2 Sharmila
Sharmila is a professional cattery, registrated in the WCF and FARUS systems. We breed the selkirk rex curly cats and scottish fold cats longhair and shorthair,as well as selkirk straight and scottish straight. Our cats live with us, we don't use cages. Our cats are the members of our family, each has own personality and own character) We practice selling the kittenst to the other countries. We can ship worldwide. Only best and the most interesting kittens we can offer you for breeding. Our cats are healty, we make the genetical tests and check their health in the veterinaty clinics.
3 Cattery of the Siberian cats "Chersi"
Site of the cattery «Chersi».We are specializing in Siberian cats.. Information about Siberian cats and kittens and availability. The cattery is located in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Our cats live with us at home. We raise kittens with love and care. Our cats are healthy and have loving temperaments. Welcome!
4 BASILEUS Maine Coon Cattery
Gentle giants Maine Coons.  Exhibitions, photos, content. Kittens for sale.
5 Chatterie de Saint Paul
Maine Coon cattery since 2000. We have kittens of any colors. All the breeders are healthy HCM 1 and SMA. We make the echographies heart patient and PKD every year. Come to visit us on our web site, and more if affinity.
6 Katz Meow Cattery
Purebred old-fashioned Siamese kittens, registered with ACA & TCA. We are motivated by the love of this breed and wish to help preserve them by raising healthy, loving, people-oriented cats. Please see my website for PRICE and current litters. www.katzmeowcattery.com
7 Cofein-Pride - professional breeding cattery of amazing MEKONG BOBTAIL cats.
Mekong bobtail - the ancient, original short-tailed breed of royal cats. Their origin is shrouded in legend. On one half - the dog, on the other - a man, or even a little God in graceful, beautiful cat's body. For many centuries these amazing cats received the admire, respect and even the worship of their royal patrons. And in these days of spectacular exotic looks, a bright disposition and an unusually high intelligence win the hearts! Once settled in your soul, the Mekong-bobtail will remain there forever. They are have such magical property!
8 CHAROIT cattery
We are a small home Siberian and Maine coon cattery from Russia, Saratov. Our cats live with us at home. We raise kittens with love and care. Our cats are healthy and have loving temperaments.
9 Perfect Kittens
TICA Registered Bengal cat breeder,raising quaility Exotic Bengals. We are dedicated in our breeding program to produce healthy Bengals with great type,wonderful personality & temperment. Offering Spotted,Marbled & Rosetted Bengal in Brown Black, Silver, (Snow) Seal Lynx point,Seal Mink,Seal-sepia. All of our Perfect kittens are born & raised in our home and are well socialized before placed in loving homes. All of our kittens come with UTD vaccinations, De-wormed,health check, Health Guarantee/Sales contract, ears cleaned, nails clipped, TICA Registration form, toy and more.
10 Pixy Sphynx Cattery
The firth donsphynx cattery in Hungary.
11 Slavicat cattery
A mirror web-page of our cattery!
12 Beryozka
Welcome to "Beryozka" of Siberian Cats website. We are a small breeding in Russia.
13 питомник абиссински�… кошек Banafrit
BANAFRIT-Волгоградский питомник Абиссинских кошек BANAFRIT (WCF, CFA) занимается разведением Абиссинских кошек, наша цель это здоровые,красивые, яркого окраса в современном типе представители породы АБИССИНСКАЯ. Мы очень любим своих питомцев и предоставляем им все условия для жизни в нашем доме , хорошее качественное питание, прогулки на свежем воздухе, ежегодные прививки импортными вакцинами, выращивание котят в кругу семьи. На нашем сайте вы сможете познакомиться с нашими кошками, почитать полезные статьи и всегда проследить за новостями нашего питомника, а так же зарезервировать и приобрести себе котенка.
14 White Dream
Cattery of himalayan cats White Dream
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